The body is to be of medium length with well rounded hips , full loins and ribs. Shoulders should be well developed and in proportion to the rib spread and hips. There should be a slight  taper from hips to the shoulders with more length in Does than Bucks. The back should form a gradual arch  begining at the base of the ears and carried to it's highest point at the middle of the hips and continuing down  to the base of the tail. Medium size dewlaps is permissible in Does.

​Head & Ears;   


                   "Standard of Perfection"

                                                                             a description of correct phenotype



The head is to be medium full from base of ears to muzzle with well filled face and jaws. The neck is to be short. Ears are to be in proportion to head and body and carried erect and close together. Ears are evenly ticked and match body color. Upper tip of ears are to show a distinct narrow, jet black lacing of approximately 1/16 inch wide. 


Eyes are to be large, bright and bold with an alert expression. Eye color -brown, blue-gray or marbled. Dark brown is pre-ferred.  

Feet & Legs; Feet and legs are to be straight with medium bone.The front feet and the outside of the upper part of the hind legs are to be ticked with a uniform shade of gray, matching body color as nearly as possible.


 Fur on the body is to be 1 1/8 to 1 3/8 inches in length. Ideal length to be 1 1/4 inches (a longer or shorter fur with density pre-ferred over standard length lacking density). Fur is to be very dense of fine texture with a gentle rollback. Fur is to be smooth, glossy and free from molt or hutch stain.


 Color is to resemble the South American Chinchilla ( lanigera ). The under color is to be dark slate blue at the base. Intermediate portion of pearl to be as light as possible with the top edge being a very narrow black band (base definitely wider than the intermediate portion). Above this is a very light band, brightly ticked with wavy jet black hairs to resemble the beautiful Chinchilla surface color. Neck fur is to be lighter in color than the body, but strictly  confined to the nape of the neck. The chest is to be lightly ticked with a uniform shade of pearl, slightly lighter than the body. The body color is to extend as far down the sides as possible. Belly color, next to the skin is to be white or blue. Surface color is to be white. Eye circles are to be well defined, narrow and light pearl Tail underside is to be white. Topside of tail is to be black, interspersed with white hairs. 

Under color; 

Base of the fur shaft to be slate blue.

Ring color & definition;

Intermediate color is to be light pearl with black edging.

Surface color; 

Surface color is to have a wavy ticked top coat.


Overly fat or flabbiness.   Narrow head; extremely pointed nose.  Fur shorter than one inch; showing a tendency toward wool, harsh or wire.  Salt and pepper even   

surface color (even appearance); faded under color; narrow pearl; cloudy or smokey ring color.

Disqualifications from competition; 

Solid white spots; extremely light or dark color or mixed brown patches; extreme brownish tinge in ring color; absence of ring color. Hind feet lacking blue under color; white or unmatched toenails. Or rabbits resembling "mandolin type".